Juneau STEM Coalition


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About Us

The Juneau STEM Coalition is a volunteer community group with the mission is to support Juneau to develop lifelong Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills.

We are a diverse group of people under a loose “STEM” umbrella.  We seek to effect incremental and transformational change within the Juneau School District.  We want to support our students to be innovative, collaborative, empathetic, resourceful, and persistent now and as adults. We want them to struggle – in the best sense of the word – with challenging and intriguing projects that integrate in real and meaningful ways across the traditional academic disciplines and throughout the Juneau community.  We want them to speak up for themselves and for others.

STEM education is associated with many beneficial qualities, including inquisitiveness, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, grit, collaboration, and innovation.


  • Prepare students for 21st century careers
  • Increase scientific literacy


To gather a group of people who want to think outside the box to help Juneau citizens become outside of the box thinkers and doers.

We are a community organization that hopes to build collaboration amongst JSD staff, city staff, business and nonprofit leaders, STEM professionals, and non-conformist thinkers to create change.


All students should have significant learning experiences involving meaningful integrated projects, connections to the community outside the school, and access to emerging technology.  As a community, our objectives include:

  • Create a permanent STEM Committee in Juneau
  • Prioritize  STEM activities for K-12 in the Juneau School District
  • Raise community awareness about the value of and demand for STEM
  • Increase participation and success of underrepresented groups
  • Enhance STEM experiences through real-world projects
  • Advocate for STEM in Juneau
  • Enable systemic change: Support, encourage, brainstorm, explore creative structures for systemic change