Juneau STEM Council Launches

The Juneau STEM Council launched in November 2016 as a new community organization dedicated to supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in Juneau.  We’re just getting started, and we welcome participation in all degrees and forms.

Our Coalition is composed of a diverse group of individuals that believes all of Juneau’s students should have the opportunity to learn from investigative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math experiences. As community members, professionals, teachers, scientists, and parents we recognize how STEM can increase scientific literacy in our community and prepare our students for 21st century careers for a world they haven’t yet invented.

The primary objectives of the coalition are to:

  • Create a permanent STEM Coalition for Juneau;
  • Share and advocate for STEM within Juneau;
  • Facilitate real-world projects through district/community partnerships;
  • Increase participation and success of underrepresented groups in STEM activities;
  • Support, encourage, and explore creative structures for systemic change.   

While there has been mounting community interest in STEM education Juneau-wide, our group coalesced this year, specifically, because of the district’s revision of the science curriculum to align with Next Generation Science Standards. Now is an ideal time to ensure that STEM education is a priority for our school district and community.

As our group develops a shared vision, we also plan to raise awareness among families. We invite everyone to contact us directly to learn more and explore ways to get involved. We have project committees looking for members and plenty of volunteer opportunities available. We look forward to doing our part towards making Juneau an even better place to live and learn.