STEM Night for K-5 Families: March 28th

Would you share an hour of your time helping kids explore an activity or experiment related to your area of expertise?


How can you make a bulb light with a few wires and a battery?

Which “boat” shape will hold the most weight in water?

How do simple engines work?

What happens when hot and cold water mix?

What does it feel like to hold a snake?

How does a marine mammal react to entanglement?

Why are halibut hooks designed that way?


Are you involved in science, technology, engineering, or hands on math in your field of work? Do you enjoy spending your free time tinkering, building, or exploring?


We’re looking for volunteers to lead or support hands-on activities at a community-wide STEM Night for K-5 Families hosted by the Juneau STEM Coalition and the Juneau Public Libraries in conjunction with the Discover Tech exhibit at the Valley Library (January 10, 2018-April 6, 2018). The event, sponsored by FOSS, will feature an opening and closing address on the neuroscience of learning by Ken Wesson.


     What: Activity leaders for the STEM Night for K-5 Families

     When: Wednesday, March 28, 5-7 pm (Activities will run from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM)

     Where: Thunder Mountain High School

     How: If you are interested in getting involved as a lead presenter, please complete this form:


If you are interested in supporting the event but would either like to support another activity or need some help coming up with an activity, please contact us at


Thank you and please spread the word. We are hoping to have 40-60 activities at the event!

Becca & Brenda,

Juneau STEM Coalition Co-Chairs