The Juneau STEM Coalition is an open, welcoming community group and welcomes participation.  Whether you want to be informed about STEM issues, join a team to address a STEM issue in Juneau, or help drive the direction of STEM in Juneau, we have a place for you.  Get involved today through one of these vehicles:

Be informed

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Join a Team

We organize activities around Teams that convene to tackle specific issues in collaborative and constructive ways.  You can join an existing team, or discuss ideas for new teams in our community forum.  Teams are open to participation from anyone with interest in the community.  Contributors to each team indicate their level of investment by choosing a RACI designation for their involvement, one of Responsible (R), Accountable (A), Consulted (C), or Informed (I).  Here are a few examples, and see the Teams menu for a complete list of current teams.

  • STEM Curriculum Team
    • Develop feedback/proposal for curriculum review process for school board / administration
  • Site Council Outreach Team
    • Foundational outreach to site councils on the value and impact of STEM
  • Web Outreach Team
    • Build our web site and interactive tools
  • Fundraising and Grants Team
    • Evaluate and pursue models for support for activities
  • Community Linkages Team
  • Science Nights Team
    • Organize science nights across the district
  • Community Participation Team
    • Evangelize about the Juneau STEM Council to community members to increase membership and engagement

Attend a Steering Committee meeting