About Us


To gather a group of people who want to think outside the box to help Juneau citizens become outside of the box thinkers and doers.

We are a community organization that hopes to build collaboration amongst JSD staff, city staff, business and nonprofit leaders, STEM professionals, and non-conformist thinkers to create change.


All students should have significant learning experiences involving meaningful integrated projects, connections to the community outside the school, and access to emerging technology.  As a community, our objectives include:

  • Create a permanent STEM Committee in Juneau
  • Prioritize  STEM activities for K-12 in the Juneau School District
  • Raise community awareness about the value of and demand for STEM
  • Increase participation and success of underrepresented groups
  • Enhance STEM experiences through real-world projects
  • Advocate for STEM in Juneau
  • Enable systemic change: Support, encourage, brainstorm, explore creative structures for systemic change


  • Prepare students for 21st century careers
  • Increase scientific literacy